I know you are aching for a change...

  • to do something more meaningful and more IMPORTANT with your time,

  • to be excited and inspired by your work,

  • to get out of the rut you are in,

  • to fulfill your potential.

It's possible. Yes, even if you need to maintain your current income!

You deserve to do something you love

You can achieve all this and more through my program, Define Your Future. Read on for all the details...
How would it feel to...

  • Start doing something fulfilling?

  • Be excited and inspired by your work?

  • Be free from your current stress and confusion?

  • Finally know exactly what you want and have a clear plan to get there?


The program takes you through the full process of exploring your preferences (tasks, environment, interests and motivation), generating and evaluating options and developing a clear career plan you are excited and confident about.
What's Included:


  • All the tools and step-by-step guidance you need to develop your future career plan

  • Two 90 minutes private career coaching sessions

  • Flexible scheduling to complete the program at your own pace (typically 8-12 weeks)

  • Access to my exclusive Define Your Future process and CLOVER Career Preference Model

  • Email support for the duration of the program​


Want to find out more? I offer free consults so that we can check whether the program and the timing is right for you. Click the button to book in and I'll take you through all the details.



What my clients say...

"Anna, you have changed my life! I am so excited to now have a direction. I can’t recommend Anna highly enough. I have finally found that spark again."

Teneale Taylor, Town Planner

"Anna steered me through the process carefully and faithfully. My coaching experience with Anna resulted in concrete outcomes with razor sharp clarity for me about how to proceed."

Helen Norton, Professional Artist

"Fantastic program with rapid results. This program is priceless! Anna’s program was just what I needed to work out the kind of role that best suited my personality, the way that I work best and my experience level. This really helped me to target specific job advertisements and work places that were ideally suited to me and where I could perform at my best.  I now have a new role which I love. "


Sue Murray, Superintendent Exploration

"Anna’s guidance and support have thoroughly inspired me to take a chance and pursue my own business venture. With Anna’s help, hopefully we will have a lot more people pursuing the intersection between what they love and are good at - which I think can only result in better outcomes for everyone. I wish I’d been introduced to Anna and her career model 4 years ago, it could have saved me a lot of time!"

Andrea Marchesi, Leadership Development

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